Mar 162017
 March 16, 2017  Posted by  Breaches, Business

From the add-this-to-the-list-of-concerns-about-Samsung dept.

Matt Metzger writes:

About four months ago, I ordered a new TV directly from Samsung’s online store. A few days later, I received a tracking link via email.

Reusing Tracking Numbers
When I first received the link, it showed an order that wasn’t my own. I assumed there was some sort of clerical error, but I was too busy at the time to contact Samsung about it. When I checked back later in the day, there were now two orders showing at the link Samsung sent me — my own, and the other order.

Read more on Medium. Matt not only identifies the scope of the problem – which goes beyond just the tracking info – and the risks, but he also includes Samsung’s totally-less-than-acceptable-and-pretty-outrageous response to his notification that they have a problem.

Whether the problem starts with Samsung or their shipper is irrelevant: it is Samsung customer data, and Samsung should damned well step up to the plate and get these problems addressed. And until they do, if you don’t want all your personal information shared on the internet and indexed by Google, maybe you should think twice about ordering anything from them that requires shipment to your home.

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