Sep 292010
 September 29, 2010  Posted by  Court, Online, Surveillance

Did an invasion of privacy result in a suicide? This may be one of the saddest news stories I’ve ever covered on this blog.

Bob Holt reports that a recent suicide may be linked to reports that two young people secretly taped sexual encounters and uploaded them to the Internet:

Authorities said a Ridgewood student believed to have jumped off the George Washington Bridge last Wednesday night is thought to be the Rutgers University freshman who was secretly taped in a sexual encounter.

On Friday, the Ridgewood school district notified parents that it was aware a recent graduate of the high school had been reported missing and that grief counselors would be available for students.

Two Rutgers University students have been charged with invading another student’s privacy by secretly placing a camera in the student’s dormitory room and transmitting a sexual encounter over the Internet.

Read more on Coverage on indicates that the student who committed suicide was gay and had been recorded with another man.

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