Apr 242012
 April 24, 2012  Posted by  Court, Youth & Schools

Geoff Mulvihill of Associated Press reports on yet another case of invasion of privacy from Rutgers:

A Rutgers student has admitted making unwanted sexual contact with his sleeping roommate and capturing video of what happened on his cellphone.

Under a plea agreement entered Monday and made public Tuesday, 20-year-old Minjin Oh could face up to 364 days in jail for criminal sexual contact and invasion of privacy.

Read more on New Jersey Herald. The incident in question reportedly occurred in April 2010, months before the incident involving Dharun Ravi using a web cam to view his roommate Tyler Clementi with another man.

Earlier this week, a Fitchburg State student was suspended for videotaping his roommate in the nude.

So… what’s going on in freshmen orientation week to prevent these kinds of invasions of privacy? Are students signing any contracts to respect their roommate’s privacy and are specific acts being used as examples of what is not permissible behavior? No, they don’t need to be told not to touch their roommate sexually while the roommate sleeps (at least I hope they don’t need to be told that!), but the recording aspect needs to be addressed.

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