Oct 122010
 October 12, 2010  Posted by  Court, Online

David K. Isom writes:

Those of us who watch the development of the law of electronic discovery, information security and privacy usually have nothing better to do on a Saturday night (except last Saturday when we saw the movie “The Social Network”) than kibitz about how information on Facebook and other social networks is impacting and will likely impact civil lawsuits.  Last month, a New York trial court in Romano v. Steelcase took a crack at some of these issues. While the New York court got the bottom line right — relevant information on Facebook and other social media is generally discoverable — some of its reasoning is baffling, some wrong and some spot on.

Read more on InfoLawGroup.  I had previously commented as a non-lawyer that I thought the judge reached the right decision but via faulty logic.  I am delighted to see David try to explain what was confusing or wrong from a legal perspective.

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