Oct 252010
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disregard_karma writes:

I am 23 years old and usually buy my liquor from the local Shop Rite. They are inexpensive and have good hours. Tonight, I was disgusted by a new policy of theirs enforced on their younger customers (under 26). I was buying a 6 pack of beer. I expected to be carded and kindly showed her my ID – no problem, but then the clerk asked me to fill out this form that is now required for all customers under 26. I was a little taken aback, but even more so when I saw the form. Turns out it is quite detailed, requiring your drivers license #, address, credit card # (I was not paying by credit and this was still necessary), and the other such info. Apparently they then keep the form on file and you initial it every time you buy liquor, up to 5 times, whence you need to fill out a new form.

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Paging the PCI standards to Aisle 4….

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