Oct 262015
 October 26, 2015  Posted by  Business, Court, Featured News, Surveillance, U.S.

Adam Klasfeld reports that the NYCLU,  the NYU Law Chapter of the American Constitution Society, the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and four tech companies – FourSquare, Kickstarter, Meetup and Vimeo –  have filed an amicus brief asking the New York Court of Appeals to overturn a ruling that allowed prosecutors to rummage through the accounts of 381 Facebook users.

As Klasfeld reviews the history of the case:

A little more than two years ago, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office presented Facebook with a bulk warrant, part of a large-scale investigation into the fraudulent filing of Social Security disability claims.

Prosecutors wanted to pin down whether a group of retired police officers and firefighters faked mental illness triggered by the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

As of a few months ago, the probe led to charges against 62 people, but the bulk warrants named hundreds of Facebook accounts – and gagged the website from informing the targets about the requests.

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