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 July 13, 2015  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S., Online

Niemela v. Malamas, 2015 BCSC 2014

Roberto Ghignone writes:

The issue in this case was whether Google Inc. was required to remove links to defamatory posts from worldwide search results, rather than just Canadian search results.

The Plaintiff, Glenn Niemela, is lawyer based in the Vancouver area who has been the victim of online harassment and bullying. He alleges that the posts originate from one of his former clients who may be in biker gang. In the posts, Mr. Niemela is described as a scam artist and as dishonest. The posts first appeared in 2012 on various internet sites, including ripoffreport.com and reviewstalk.com. Mr. Niemela reported this to the police who spoke with a suspect. Subsequently, no further posts appeared.

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