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 May 6, 2015  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Remember that very disturbing news report that Warwick police were getting daily guest lists from Motel 6 without a warrant? There was a follow-up that Joe Cadillic sends along.

From the Providence Journal:

 Police Chief Stephen M. McCartney has discontinued the short-lived practice of accepting a copy of the Motel 6 daily guest list to see if any of the lodgers should be investigated.

He said he was concerned about the legal ramifications of the practice, including the possibility that the list could become a public record under the state’s Access to Public Records Act. He said an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against the city also would have been possible.

While that’s encouraging to read, do read the whole story, because this only signals a reversion to the previous method:

The police maintain the privilege, on an ad hoc basis, of inspecting the guest list when they visit the motel daily.

Read more on Providence Journal.

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