Dec 012015
 December 1, 2015  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Help Net Security reports:

On Monday, after winning an eleven-year legal battle, Nicholas Merrill can finally tell the public how the FBI has secretly construed its authority to issue National Security Letters (NSLs) to permit collection of vast amounts of private information on US citizens without a search warrant or any showing of probable cause.


Merrill has been privy to this information since 2004, when the FBI served him with an NSL demanding that he turn over records about a customer of the Internet company he then owned, Calyx Internet Access. Until yesterday, Merrill was subject to a gag order forbidding him from sharing this information with the public.

Read more on Help Net Security. The attachment to the NSL letter started circulating on Twitter last night, and you can jump to it, here.

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