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Links to the papers from this morning’s forum, “Privacy Papers for Policymakers,” are now all available online, thanks to the good folks at the Future of Privacy Forum. The SSRN-hosted articles are available in free, full-text form by following the link to download from each abstract. In alphabetical order:

Leading Papers:

  1. Privacy on the Books and on the Ground
    Kenneth Bamberger and Deirdre Mulligan
  2. Misplaced Confidences: Privacy and the Control Paradox
    Laura Brandimarte, Alessandro Acquisti and George Loewenstein
  3. What is Privacy Worth?”
    Alessandro Acquisti, Leslie John and George Loewenstein
  4. Standardizing Privacy Notices: An Online Study of the Nutrition Label Approach
    Patrick Gage Kelley, Lucian Cesca, Joanna Bresee and Lorrie Faith Cranor
  5. How Different are Young Adults from Older Adults When it Comes to Information Privacy Attitudes and Policies?
    Chris Hoofnagle, Jennifer King, Su Li and Joseph Turow
  6. Privacy and Regulatory Innovation: Moving Beyond Voluntary Codes
    Ira Rubenstein

Notable Mentions:

  1. Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity
    Danah Boyd
  2. The Boundaries of Privacy Harm” (updated version)
    M. Ryan Calo
  3. Privacy by Design 7 Foundational Principles: Implementation and Mapping of Fair Information Practices
    Ann Cavoukian
  4. The Eavesdropping Employer: A Twenty-first Century Framework For Employee Monitoring
    Corey Ciocchetti
  5. The Deidentification Dilemma: A Legislative and Contractual Proposal
    Robert Gellman
  6. Sponsoring Trust in Tomorrow’s Technology: Towards a Global Digital Infrastructure Policy
    John Miller and David Hoffman
  7. Preemption and Privacy
    Paul Schwartz
  8. A Model Regime of Privacy Protection”
    Daniel Solove and Chris Hoofnagle
  9. Americans Reject Tailored Advertising and Three Activities that Enable It
    Joseph  Turow

Congratulations to all who were recognized for their contributions to privacy issues and public discourse.

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