Jul 292014
 July 29, 2014  Posted by  Featured News, Misc

This is an exciting RFP:

The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology and Microsoft are issuing this request for proposals (RFP) to fund scholarly inquiry to examine the civil rights, human rights, security and privacy issues that arise from recent initiatives to release large datasets of government information to the public for analysis and reuse.  This research may help ground public policy discussions and drive the development of a framework to avoid potential abuses of this data while encouraging greater engagement and innovation.

This RFP seeks to:

  • Gain knowledge of the impact of the online release of large amounts of data generated by citizens’ interactions with government
  • Imagine new possibilities for technical, legal, and regulatory interventions that avoid abuse
  • Begin building a body of research that addresses these issues

Read the details and criteria on Berkeley Law. The proposal application deadline is September 25th.

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