May 202010
 May 20, 2010  Posted by  Court

The ACLU has issued a press release:

The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of North Carolina today sent a letter to North Carolina Secretary of Revenue Kenneth Lay reiterating concern over a recent request by the state Department of Revenue (NCDOR) for the private records of customers [previous coverage on here and here]. The letter informs Lay that the ACLU will take legal action on behalf of North Carolina residents who are customers if NCDOR persists in its demand for their constitutionally protected private information. Specifically, the letter says the ACLU and its clients will intervene in an existing lawsuit brought by to stop NCDOR from collecting individually identifiable information that could be linked to specific purchases made on

Read the entire press release here. The letter they sent to Secretary Kenneth Lay of the North Carolina Department of Revenue can be found here.

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