Oct 302015
 October 30, 2015  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

Louise Kennedy reports on a study by the Massachusetts ACLU:

Many Massachusetts schools are using technology to monitor students, collect personal data about them and share that data in ways that raise troubling questions about student privacy, according to a new study from the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts.

The study, released Wednesday, examined 35 school districts across the state, including Boston, Springfield and various rural and suburban districts. Almost universally, the study found, students in those districts have “no expectation of privacy” when going online in school; many are similarly unprotected when using school-issued electronic devices, such as Chromebooks or iPads.

And many districts reserve the right to inspect those devices without notice or consent, the report said. Unlike searches of school lockers or student backpacks, the report said, in many cases school officials can search cellphones and other devices without even a “reasonable suspicion.”

Read more on WBUR.

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