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 October 15, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Youth & Schools

The graduate dean at the University of Missouri at Columbia mistakenly sent to a listserv for graduate students this week an e-mail reply that referred to what he perceived as a student’s “mental distress,” forcing him to follow up Thursday with a broad apology for the privacy breach.

In the e-mail apologizing to Missouri’s grad students, George Justice, the dean who is also vice provost for advanced studies, said that he had hit “reply all” to an e-mail the student in question had sent to Missouri’s chancellor and other administrators, cc’d to the grad school’s listserv.

The student’s message did not reach members of the listserv, Justice wrote, because she was not authorized to send messages to the entire group — but when the dean hit “reply all,” both his message and the student’s original missive went to the entire listserv.

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