May 052011
 May 5, 2011  Posted by  Business, Court, Surveillance

Ed Palattella reports that Aaron’s has responded to a lawsuit that has garnered a lot of media attention:

Rent-to-own retailer Aaron’s Inc. is describing as meritless a lawsuit a Wyoming couple filed over claims of invasion of privacy.

The Atlanta-based company said it would “vigorously defend itself against” the suit, in which the couple claims Aaron’s installed software in its rented computers that let the company spy on customers by, among other things, taking photos with webcams.

The couple, Brian and Crystal Byrd, filed a class-action suit Tuesday in federal court in Erie. The couple is suing Aaron’s and a North East-based company, DesignerWare LLC, that the couple claims made and operated the software, called PC Rental Agent.

Aaron’s “believes that none of its over 1,140 company-operated stores have used the product developed or provided by PC Rental Agent or DesignerWare LLC, the two vendors named in the lawsuit, and neither vendor is approved or has done any business with Aaron’s,” the company said in a statement.


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