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 February 11, 2013  Posted by  Online, Youth & Schools

Dylan McHugh writes:

The names of 13 students who admitted to involvement in the improper removal of a pro-life display were revealed in an online article by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), the national organization behind the DePaul Young Americans for Freedom chapter, which erected the display. Revealing the list of students may be a potential violation of DePaul’s Student Handbook and the federal Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA).


According to the “Student Rights Within the Judicial Review Process” section of DePaul’s Code of Student Responsibility, students under the judicial review process have “the right to have proceedings and documentation kept confidential,” as stated in item 11. In addition, “All hearings, proceedings and case information are considered confidential except to those who have a legitimate educational interest in them.”

An article was posted to YAF’s website Feb. 5 about the students that included the scanned report, with the names of students listed.


One of the students on the list, who wished to remain anonymous, said the release of the students’ names led to online threats and harassment. In the comments section of the YAF article, some comments included links to the students’ personal information, such as Facebook accounts and email addresses. The student has “lost count” of the threats directed to the group, which describe “bringing us to justice, we should pay.”

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