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 September 10, 2012  Posted by  Business

Christopher Wolf writes:

Do you recall the words of the President in the State of the Union address on the need for a new set of standards to protect personal privacy? In case you forgot:

“One measure of a truly free society is the vigor with which it protects the liberties of its individual citizens. As technology has advanced in America, it has increasingly encroached on one of those liberties–what I term the right of personal privacy. Modern information systems, data banks, credit records, mailing list abuses, electronic snooping, the collection of personal data for one purpose that may be used for another–all these have left millions of Americans deeply concerned by the privacy they cherish.

And the time has come, therefore, for a major initiative to define the nature and extent of the basic rights of privacy and to erect new safeguards to ensure that those rights are respected.

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h/t Monique Altheim

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