Nov 022011
 November 2, 2011  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S., Online

Jeremy C. Owens reports that Facebook may have yet more problem with German privacy laws:

A German regulator accused Facebook of tracking users with cookies after they have canceled their accounts with the social-networking giant, according to reports Wednesday.

Bloomberg News reports that the Hamburg Data Protection Agency suspects the company is tracking users in a way that breaks German privacy laws.

“The probe raises the suspicion that Facebook is creating user tracking profiles” that remain with the user whether that person remains a member of the Palo Alto social network or cancels the account, Johannes Caspar, an agency representative, said on the group’s website. That kind of tracking, which Casper said could go on for two years after an account is canceled, would be against German law, he stated.

In a statement emailed to this newspaper, Facebook flatly stated that it “does not track users across the web.”

Read more on Mercury News.

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