Sep 282011
 September 28, 2011  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S.

The floodgates have already opened, it seems. Emil Protalinski reports:

Reddit users have flooded Facebook with personal data requests via the service’s official form. This appears to have overwhelmed Facebook’s Data Access Request Team, forcing the group to send out e-mails telling users there will be a significant delay.

It all started with a Reddit submission titled “How to annoy Facebook” by Reddit user realbigfatty.

Read more on ZDNet. (h/t, @moniquealtheim)

I was interested to read the following on Kashmir Hill’s blog yesterday:

(What I was surprised not to see here was a list of the things that L.B. had looked at and/or clicked, such as other peoples’ profile pages, photos, or status updates. As we have seen before, that is something Facebook knows about its users.)

If Facebook does retain that information, shouldn’t it have been provided in response to the access request?  And if they have withheld data they collected, then that sets up an interesting complaint/investigation under Ireland’s data protection laws, doesn’t it? And what will the DPC do if Facebook fails to comply with the 40-day response requirement of law?

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