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 March 2, 2023  Posted by  Business, Court, Online, U.S.

There’s an update on a court case that involves requests to unmask anonymous commenters.  As TorrentFreak reported weeks ago:

Filmmakers have obtained a subpoena to reveal the identities of Redditors who commented on piracy-related topics. The comments can provide relevant evidence in support of a repeat infringer lawsuit against ISP RCN, the companies argue. Reddit disagrees and frames the effort as a fishing expedition that is at odds with the right to anonymous speech.

As Ernesto now reports:

Reddit was unhappy with the subpoena and characterized it as overbroad. According to Reddit’s lawyers, the subpoena was more akin to a fishing expedition than regular evidence gathering. As such, Reddit only handed over the details of one user whose comment mentioned RCN, denying other ‘less relevant’ ones, citing the users’ First Amendment right to anonymous speech.

Reddit Opposes Motion to Compel

Reddit’s rejection prompted the filmmakers to file a motion to compel. They argued that the targeted comments are relevant, proportional, and may help to back up their legal arguments in court.

In court this week, Reddit filed its official response. According to the discussion platform, courts have repeatedly protected people’s First Amendment right to anonymous speech.

Read more at TorrentFreak.

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