Sep 022013
 September 2, 2013  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S.

Juliette Garside reports:

Broadband providers are being asked to create a database of customers illegally downloading music, films and books, which could be used to disconnect or prosecute persistent offenders.

Measures to combat digital piracy will be among the topics discussed at a Downing Street breakfast on 12 September, when record-label bosses and their trade association, the BPI, have been invited to meet David Cameron.

BT, Virgin Media, BSkyB and TalkTalk are being asked by music and film companies to sign up to a voluntary code for policing illegal downloading.

Read more on The Guardian.

So BPI wants to make broadband providers their agents for purposes of identifying and stopping illegal downloads? I don’t see how they can do that under the Data Protection Act there, but I’m no lawyer. I only hope the providers do not agree to create such records or databases at the BPI’s behest.


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