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 September 15, 2017  Posted by  Business

Jeff Barker reports:

Gone are the days when sports-team giveaways were limited to T-shirts, bobbleheads, free-sandwich coupons and the like.

The Ravens on Sunday are adopting a unique approach: The tens of thousands of fans entering M&T Bank Stadium for the NFL team’s home opener against the Cleveland Browns will receive free DNA test kits.

It’s an approach stretching the usual giveaway model, and likely to generate fan buzz. The club calls it “one of the most innovative events a partner has ever spearheaded.”

Read more on The Baltimore Sun while I try to get Joe Cadillic to normalize his breathing again. His message to me had no less than four (4) exclamation points. On the Cadillic Privacy Abomination Rating Scale (unpublished), that’s pretty serious.

  One Response to “Ravens fans will get DNA test kits Sunday in unusual NFL promotion”

  1. Serious is an understatement, EVERYONE should boycott the NFL. Who in their right mind would give a private company their DNA?

    How much would you like to bet their DNA will end up in a law enforcement database?

    Two days ago, it was announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to bring back voluntary surveys testing for drugs at DUI roadblocks. (

    Whether its ‘voluntarily’ or not, they’re (Feds) creating a huge database on everyone.

    The Cadillic Privacy Abomination Rating Scale has gone to Apoplectic!

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