Apr 072015
 April 7, 2015  Posted by  Misc

PJ reports:

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) launched his presidential campaign this morning. He’s the second Republican to throw his hat in the ring following his colleague Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

I am happy to see a libertarian Republican enter the horse race, if only to have some libertarian issues get some much-needed attention. During his announcement, Paul called out the NSA snooping dragnet against American citizens, which he promised to end on day one of his presidency.

Said Paul, “The president created this vast dragnet by executive order. And as president on day one, I will immediately end this unconstitutional surveillance,” Paul, speaking before a raucous crowd in Kentucky, said. “I believe we can have liberty and security. And I will not compromise your liberty for a false sense of security, not now, not ever. ”

Read more on PJ Media.

Senator Paul’s problem, of course, is that liberals who would support him on this issue will not forget his statements about the Civil Rights Act.


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