Feb 262015
 February 26, 2015  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Cheryl Miller reports:

A bipartisan pair of state lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled a package of privacy bills that tackle issues ranging from car-data hacking to encryption standards for cloud-stored information.


Three of the bills mentioned by Gaines and Gatto are already in print. SB 206 would ban state agencies from collecting data from cars’ diagnostic systems beyond what’s necessary for California’s smog check program. SB 271 prohibits drones from flying over schools. And AB 170 would create new rules for the state’s genetic testing program, which takes tiny blood samples from newborns and, after de-identifying the records, makes them available to researchers.

A fourth bill, AB 83, will be shaped by public suggestions submitted to a wiki page created by Gatto.

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