Oct 012013
 October 1, 2013  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Add this to the list of approaches of curtailing NSA surveillance. From TenthAmendmentCenter:

The state of Utah is supplying water to the new Data Center in Bluffdale, UT at a rate of 1.7 MILLION gallons of water every single day. Without that water, the computers there can’t be cooled, and the NSA can no longer carry out its “critical missions.”

We know that the NSA has had a problem with utilities since 2006 and earlier. It was that year when they maxed out the power grid in Baltimore and really started looking for other locations (like Utah, Texas, Georgia and elsewhere) to expand their operations.

But the “anti-commandeering” doctrine which every legal expert agrees on – says that the states cannot be required to help the feds carry out their acts. The supreme court even ruled in favor of this a number of times, including 1842 Prigg, 1997 Printz, 2002 New Yorkand 2012 Sebelius.

Our new radio ad is intended to be directed to the People of Utah, encouraging them to resist the NSA – and support introduction of the 4th Amendment Protection Act in Utah to turn the water off (among other things). See the bill here.

I give this one an A+ for creativity, but would any state pass such legislation? I fear not.

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