Nov 022016
 November 2, 2016  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Ingrid Peritz reports:

The Quebec government has moved quickly with a series of measures to try to restore confidence in the judicial system and protect press freedom amid a widening controversy over the surveillance of journalists by police.


The announcement came in the aftermath of damaging disclosures that high-profile Quebec journalist Patrick Lagacé had been the target of a months-long covert police operation that tracked the calls and texts on his iPhone, and allowed law enforcement to follow his movements through the phone’s GPS. Montreal police were seeking the source of an internal leak to the media.

The scope of the controversy appeared to grow on Tuesday after a Montreal daily said three other journalists had also been the object of police attention. Citing police sources, Le Journal de Montréal said police brass did not obtain court warrants but had scrutinized the call logs of its officers to find out who had been speaking to the reporters.

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