Jul 192015
 July 19, 2015  Posted by  Breaches

This may be the stupidest editorial by a major news outlet that I’ve seen on this issue.

Read the Washington Post editorial, but not if you’re at risk of spilling any beverage on the keyboard.

As a taste of the editorial, consider this gem:

All freedoms come with limits; it seems only proper that the vast freedoms of the Internet be subject to the same rule of law and protections that we accept for the rest of society.

What is there about “You can’t have a “golden key” without putting ALL data at risk?” that they don’t get?

If we want hospitals, government, and businesses to adequately secure our information against hackers/foreign actors, you’d have to be a damned idiot to create a backdoor or key to the data that government can get, because if the government can get it, the bad guys can get it.

The Washington Post editorial board has seriously embarrassed itself and should go  sit in the corner.


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