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 January 21, 2021  Posted by  Business, Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

From Papers, Please!

In the aftermath of the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week, there’s been a confused cacophony of calls to “put the rioters on the no-fly list“.

At the same time, there have been equally confusing claims and denials that some people found out that they had already been “put on the no-fly list” when they were denied boarding on flights home from Washington.

Are these people “on the no-fly list”? Could they be? Should they be? Is this legal?

It’s complicated, and if you rushed to join the chorus clamoring to put people on no-fly lists, do take some time and read Ed Hasbrouck’s thoughtful commentary on the issues and why we shouldn’t rush to join the chorus.   And perhaps Amtrak should read Ed’s post, too.

h/t, Joe Cadillic


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