Jun 152011
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Seen on the web site of the Wisconsin Office of Privacy Protection:

Public Notice of Class Action Settlement
Date of Breach: Dec 1, 2006 through Nov 30, 2009
Company: Krist Oil Company CITGO gas stations
Data Stolen: Receipts printed displayed more than last 5 digits of credit or debit card numbers

A lawsuit was filed against Krist Oil Company claiming the company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by not truncating the information printed on customers’ receipts, leaving full credit or debit numbers and expiration dates on the receipts.

The courts have determined that all persons who used a credit or debit card at any of Krist Oil Company’s businesses in Michigan, Wisconsin & Minnesota, where Krist Oil Company provided that person an electronically printed receipt at the point of sale or transaction that displayed the expiration date or more than the last five digits of that person’s credit card or debit card, for a time period beginning on December 1, 2006, until November 30, 2009, is eligible to participate in a class action settlement.

If you believe you qualify to be a member of this settlement, you can read more aboutSeppanen et al. v. Krist Oil Company by going to http://www.kristoilsettlement.com/EN/.

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