Jul 252022
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PogoWasRight.org received a request from the reader named below to share a call for action in West Virginia concerning the state’s All-Payer-Claims Database:

Listen up folks, this is IMPORTANT and yes, there is something YOU CAN DO to help prevent YOUR PRIVATE HEALTH INFORMATION from getting into the hands of a ALL POWERFUL government database. Deadline JULY 28 2022. Send an email to the address below showing your opposition to this overreach.

The WV DHHR wants to put your health information, medical records, prescriptions, EVERYTHING, into a MASSIVE database, controlled and “protected” by the State. Everything. Every little tidbit of information about you, tied DIRECTLY to your name, for their use. This is a MASSIVE government overreach.

We could really use your help in getting public comments submitted opposing the disclosure of IDENTIFIED personal data to the WV DHHR (and WVU) by private insurers here in West Virginia. Under the attached proposed Legislative Rule, the WV DHHR wants to collect highly sensitive data on every man, woman, and child currently covered by any form of health insurance in West Virginia. I personally vehemently oppose this and would respectfully ask that you make a written public comment via e-mail to [email protected].

Written comments can be mailed to April L Robertson, One Davis Square, Suite 100 E, Charleston WV 25301.

Here’s what I am sending:

Subject: I am opposed to the All-Payer Claims Database

I am 100% opposed to the All-Payer Claims Database. I feel this is an overreach of government. Please do not implement this program in any form. My personal health information (PHI) should not be in the hands of the government.

John Holstein

The proposed legislative rule’s period of public comment is open now but there’s only a few days left. Information on the law is available on the state’s web site.

Information on submitting public comments on the submission manual can be found on the state’s website, here.

Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.