Jul 132015
 July 13, 2015  Posted by  Misc

Well, it looks like Steve Ragan’s censorship antennae  are working just fine. Andy Greenberg reports:

FOR THOSE SEEKING stealth and anonymity online, a radio device known as ProxyHam was a highly anticipated new tool set to debut at the DefCon hacker conference next month. Now it’s just staged its own disappearing act.

Late Friday, the Twitter feed for Rhino Security, the consultancy run by the project’s creator Ben Caudill, announced that Caudill’s talk was being pulled from the DefCon line-up, and that the ProxyHam project was being called off. “Effective immediately, we are halting further dev on #proxyham and will not be releasing any further details or source for the device,” the message read. “Existing #proxyham units will be disposed of and no longer be made available at [DefCon]”

Read more on Wired.

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