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 May 26, 2010  Posted by  Govt, Non-U.S., Workplace

Trish Audette reports:

Provincial government employees were subjected to unauthorized credit checks earlier this year, officials confirmed Tuesday.

The credit checks — Alberta Justice collected personal information on 27 employees — are now the focus of an investigation by the privacy commissioner.

“There’s nothing stopping the employer from investigating employees on certain levels. But there has to be due process followed to do that,” said Guy Smith, president of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.

Read more in the Edmonton Journal.  Dave Dormer of the Calgary Sun covers the story, too, and adds this tidbit:

Done on Jan. 18, the queries looked into the financial background of 27 MEP workers as part of “an internal investigation regarding fraudulent cheques that were being circulated by an outside party,” according to a tipster who asked to remain anonymous. Workers didn’t find out about the checks until April 27, when one found it listed on their credit report.

Thanks to the reader who sent in these links.

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