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 January 21, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Laws, U.S.

As I had noted over on DataBreaches.net, Indiana’s Attorney General has proposed a data protection and data breach bill that has some interesting provisions.

Hunton & Williams provides their own summary of the bill:

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has prepared a new bill that, although styled a “security breach” bill, would impose substantial new privacy obligations on companies holding the personal data of Indiana residents. Introduced by Indiana Senator James Merritt (R-Indianapolis) on January 12, 2015, SB413 would make a number of changes to existing Indiana law. For example, it would amend the existing Indiana breach notification law to apply to all data users, rather than owners of data bases. The bill also would expand Indiana’s breach notification law to eliminate the requirement that the breached data be computerized for notices to be required.

Most significantly, SB413 would require data users to implement and maintain “reasonable procedures” that prohibit them from “retaining personal information beyond what is necessary for business purposes or compliance with applicable law” and “using personal information for purposes beyond those authorized by law or by the individual to whom the personal information relates.”

Read more on Lexology.

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