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 September 25, 2010  Posted by  Breaches

There have been a number of stories about the risk of children having their identity stolen and a few stories about how in some cases, individuals may be able to get new Social Security Numbers.   Here’s a case that may help some parents understand just how serious a problem this can be for their child.  Sarah Dallof reports:

A Weber State student’s story is a prime example of how difficult it is to get your life back once your identity is stolen. It’s gotten to the point to where he’s applying for a new Social Security number.

“All the sudden, I started receiving notices my wages were being garnished for child support.” -Cameron Noble
Cameron Noble is a newly-married 22-year-old student who is studying radiology at Weber State. However, according to his Social Security number he’s a deadbeat dad in his 60s living in California.

“It feels like it’s never ending,” Noble said. “Fifteen years and it’s still going.”

It started when Noble was 7 years old. His parents tried to claim him as a dependent on their taxes only to be told Noble was too old. In fact, his Social Security number showed he was older than his parents and that his name was Jose Zavala.

Read more about what happened to him on and keep in mind that his parents thought that they had caught the problem and fixed it. He is now hoping Identity Theft 911 will help him get a new Social Security Number.

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