Jul 252012
 July 25, 2012  Posted by  Business

Thomas O’Toole writes:

Morrison & Foerster’s Socially Aware blog has an interesting post about a California man who filed a putative class action lawsuit against the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team for failing to honor the team’s alleged promise to send him no more than three text messages each week.

After receiving five messages the first week and four messages the following week, the plaintiff could endure it no more and went off in search of legal redress at the offices of Edelson McGuire, a leading supplier of class action litigation to the technology industry. Edelson’s solution: Weiss v. Lemieux Group L.P., No. 12-cv–4585 (C.D. Cal., complaint filed May 25, 2012.

Read more on Bloomberg BNA. O’Toole also looks at the visibility of links to privacy policies of some of the major teams.

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