Sep 302012
 September 30, 2012  Posted by  Online

At least a few people are not buying Facebook’s denial of a recent report that private messages were exposed in Timeline.  The Wellington Scoop in New Zealand reports:

Facebook’s claims that it is impossible for private messages to appear on public Timelines are untrue, says Jack Yan, CEO of the Wellington-based Jack Yan & Associates, who has asked the Privacy Commissioner to investigate. He urges others to contact the Privacy Commissioner’s office (via if their Facebook private messages have been published without their consent.

You can read his reasons for disbelieving Facebook’s denial on Wellington Scoop.

If I’m understanding his analysis correctly, he seems to suggest that based on what he found in looking through his own records last year, Facebook made an error prior to now in how they grouped/coded messages which is why private messages are showing up in Timeline but Facebook claims that they were wall posts. See what you think of his argument.

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