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Andy reports:

On April 2017, San Francisco resident Ross M. Colby was arraigned in U.S. District Federal Court in San Jose following an FBI investigation into alleged hacking offenses.


Also giving testimony was John Allan Arsenault, general counsel for London Trust Media, the owner of Private Internet Access.

According to Almanac News, Arsenault told the Court that some VPN companies, PIA included, do not retain logs of customers’ Internet activities. This means they are unable to produce useful information in response to a subpoena.

Arsenault told the Court that PIA accepts several payment methods, including cryptocurrency, but doesn’t keep records of customers’ names and addresses.

Read more on TorrentFreak.

Once again, they confirm that they don’t have records.

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  1. So my pre-paid Visa, registered to some name I picked out of the phone book in my same ZIP isn’t needed?

    Think I’ll keep using it, just in case the interconnection provider decides to help.

    BTW, please delete the websrv log. 😉

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