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Everyone claims to respect your privacy — generally right before they breach it.

When you visit or view, the site collects some personally identifiable information about you. Specifically, this site logs your IP address, and I have been told that under the GDPR, IP address is considered personal information.

A cookie is set that expires at the end of the session. Server logs are maintained to protect the security of the site and to help improve the site by analyzing aggregate data.

If you are concerned about your IP address being collected, you may use a proxy to connect to this site. You do not need to register to read this site or to submit a comment. If you submit a comment on a post, you will be asked to provide an email address. Whether you choose to provide an accurate one is up to you.  Because this site uses a WordPress platform, the IP address you connected from will be stored with your comment, even though it will not appear on the site.

I have never published or shared server logs other than with my web host and individuals who help with me site security and issues.  If I receive a subpoena or some other legal instrument, I might have to comply with requests to provide logs.

If you attack the site or deface it, don’t expect any privacy. Spammers and spambots do not count as people and have no rights whatsoever on this site.

Similarly, if you send any legal, quasi-legal, or just downright nutty threats via email, do not expect any privacy of your email. I will publish it on the site or share it as I see fit regardless of any confidentiality sigfiles you may attach. Please note that I do not scare easily, and that’s an understatement. By emailing me, you accept these terms.

I am not responsible for the privacy policies of any sites I may link to. I encourage you to read their privacy policies.

Questions about the privacy policy? Contact me.

This page last updated May 26, 2017.


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