Privacy Policy


Everyone claims to respect your privacy — generally right before they breach it. So here’s how I try to show respect for your privacy:

You do not need to register to read this site or to submit a comment. Given the recent upsurge in hacks of user databases, I decided to no longer require registration.

If you submit a comment to a post, your IP will show in an administrative email I receive, but your IP will not show up on the site when the comment appears. It is, however, stored in WordPress’s database.

I have never published or shared server logs other than with my web host or an individual who helps with me site security if there are questionable attempts to access the site. You can protect your IP even more by using a proxied connection. If I receive a subpoena or some other legal instrument, I might have to comply.

If you attack the site or deface it, don’t expect any privacy. Spammers and spambots do not count as people and have no rights whatsoever on this site.

Similarly, if you send any legal, quasi-legal, or just downright nutty threats via email, do not expect any privacy of your email. I will publish it on the site or share it as I see fit regardless of any confidentiality sigfiles you may attach. Please note that I do not scare easily, and that’s an understatement. By emailing me, you accept these terms.

I am not responsible for the privacy policies of any sites I may link to. I encourage you to read their privacy policies.

Questions about the privacy policy? Contact me.


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