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The Future of Privacy Forum has released its 2012 issue of Privacy Papers for Policy Makers. Here’s the Table of Contents:

Bridging the Gap Between Privacy and Design
Deidre Mulligan and Jennifer King
‘Going Dark’ Versus a ‘Golden Age of Surveillance’
Peter Swire and Kenesa Ahmad
How Come I’m Allowing Strangers to go Through My Phone? Smart Phones and Privacy Expectations
 Jennifer King
Mobile Payments: Consumer Benefts & New Privacy Concerns
Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Jennifer M Urban, and Su Li
Privacy by Design: A Counterfactual Analysis of Google and Facebook Privacy Incidents
 Ira S. Rubinstein and Nathan Good
 The ‘Re-identifcation’ of Governor William Weld’s Medical Information: A Critical Re-examination of Health Data Identifcation Risks and Privacy Protections, Then and Now
Dr. Daniel Barth-Jones
Smart, Useful, Scary, Creepy: Perceptions of Online Behavioral Advertising
Blase Ur, Pedro Giovanni Leon, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Richard Shay, and Yang Wang
 Will Johnny Facebook Get a Job? An Experiment in Hiring Discrimination via Online Social Networks
 Alessandro Acquisti and Christina Fong
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h/t, Woody Hartzog

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