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Courtesy of the indefatigable Joe Cadillic:

European Parliament Study on Biometric Recognition and Behavioral Detection In Public Places:

How to fix the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act:
“Fix those dodgy definitions: emotion recognition and biometric categorization.”

ProtonMail Tries To Defend Itself Over Release Of Climate Activist’s IP Address:

ProtonMail removes “we do not keep any IP logs” from its privacy policy:

UK- Facial recognition company AnyVision’s letter attempts to justify police usage:

UK- Big Brother Watch campaign to stop Covid vaccination passes projected onto Parliament:
UK- Government Drops Vaccine Passport Plan:

UK- Government claims ‘simplified’ rules will drive ‘responsible’ data sharing:

UK- Government Reformatting the Information Commissioner’s Office Privacy Framework:
With the U.K. no longer bound to the EU’s strict privacy rules, the government hopes revisions to its own privacy framework will unleash “the power of data across the economy and society,” Secretary of State for Digital Oliver Dowden said.

South Korea- Jeju Island to use FacePhi facial recognition to ID citizens:

Japan- Haneda International Airport uses Materna IPS facial recognition to ID passengers:

Bahraini- Government Used NSO Group To Hack Activists iPhones:

Israel- Privatizing the Occupation: How Corporations Came to Police the Palestinians
Its a mirror-image of the U.S.

UAE- Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is the first UAE bank to use facial recognition to ID customers:

Bermuda- Privacy Commissioner guidance on misusing personal information:

Bermuda- Privacy Commissioner guidance on privacy officers:

Costa Rica- Government To Implement a Passport With Biometric Technology:

Brazil- President Bolsonaro Bans Social Networks From Removing Some Posts:

New York Civil Liberties Union lawsuit against Lockport school district facial recognition dismissed:

White Castle Biometric Privacy Case to Shape Litigation Landscape:

Corporations turn to spyware to keep tabs on employees working from home:

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