Jan 192021
 January 19, 2021  Posted by  Misc

To say some of us have been distracted since January 6 would be an understatement.  Thanks to Joe Cadillic,  maybe we can get caught up a bit.  Here are some news items of note recently:

How Law Enforcement Gets Around Your Smartphone’s Encryption

The European Data Protection Supervisor Website Evidence Collector tool for privacy and data protection inspections

Denmark- Government developing digital COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’

Denmark isn’t the only country working on a vaccine passport

UK- Government defeated over secret child spy law

China- Megvii, one of the country’s largest facial recognition startups is gearing up for public offering

And you can find other interesting news stories on MassPrivateI, including a piece by Joe:
Is The USPS Creating A National Biometric Criminal Background Check Program?

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