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A selection of some of the news items posted on MassPrivateI this week:

Vaccine Passports Are Here to Stay. Why Worry?
“The surveillance technologies of the War on Contagion are inherited from the War on Terror, and the software is encoded with the same forever-war mentality: Both fight risk rather than actual threat. Who is the terrorist? Who is the Covid carrier? Among the contradictions of the pandemic is that collective safety requires honesty and mutual trust, yet the expression of that trust is vigilant mutual suspicion. The best bet is to fear everyone.”


Cross-Border Access to User Data by Law Enforcement:


Amazon must face biometric privacy lawsuit over COVID-19 health checks:


Facebook data center lawsuit claims they profited from kids’ facial recognition:
Facebook bringing $750M data center to Huntsville (2018):
Facebook announced that its data center in Huntsville – an investment of more than $1 billion – is online:


Can Privacy Exist In The Metaverse?


France- President no longer considers the unvaccinated to be French citizens:


France- Data Protection Authority fined Free Mobile 300,000 euros for privacy violations:

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