Oct 272012
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Peter Fleischer writes that we should expect to see more lawsuits in Europe when new privacy regulations come into effect. Until now, most DPA fines or enforcement actions have not been challenged in the courts and most privacy or data breaches do not result in instant class-action lawsuits.  All this will change, however, he writes:

Starting around 2015, when the new EU Privacy Regulation comes into effect, all this will change.  The new laws are almost certain to introduce vast new sanctions and fining levels for privacy breaches, expressed as a percentage (say 2%) of a company’s global turnover.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Compare today, when the largest fine ever imposed by the CNIL in its history was 100,000 euros to this near-future, when fines could in theory run to many many millions.  You can do the math.

Once there is real money at stake, everything changes.

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