Feb 202011
 February 20, 2011  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

Pritesh writes:

Indian government never thought that its indifference towards privacy laws, data security laws and data protection laws would become its headache. With controversies like illegal phone tapping, imposition of Aadhar project, launch of projects like national intelligence grid (Natgrid) and crime and criminal tracking network and systems (CCTNS) without any procedural safeguards, etc enactment of a dedicated and constitutionally sound privacy law has become absolutely essential.

Aadhar project or UID project is the most controversial project of all and it is surprising why it has not been scrapped till now. Under the façade of welfare scheme and public good, an endemic e-surveillance project is under process. The truth is that both government and unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) are fooling Indians.

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