Aug 012011
 August 1, 2011  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

Allan Doughty writes:

… Although Bermuda does not yet afford the same privacy protections that are available in the UK, Bermuda’s Telecommunications Act is broad enough to safeguard certain aspects of a person’s privacy, particularly with regards to “hacking” into computer systems and voice mail. There are also Common Law protections in place which recognise that Bermudians have a right to privacy which will be enforced by the Supreme Court of Bermuda. This Common Law right is based on the British Common Law which is generally followed by the Bermudian Courts.


Bermuda is also moving forward in the passage of privacy legislation. In 2010, the Public Access to Information Act (“PATI”) was passed though it has yet to be brought into force.

Read more in the Royal Gazette.

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