Sep 142009
 September 14, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Online

Steve Ragan reports:

Over the weekend, there was an interesting bit of news out of the social networking world, which once again places the privacy protection and controls offered by Facebook in the spotlight. A post on Reddit described a Google search that displayed notes written by Facebook users, and with those notes, a good deal of personal information.

The story on Reddit was picked up by The Next Web, and as they said in their coverage, the issue isn’t so much the fact that the notes were discovered via a Google search, the issue is that the notes discovered were associated with profiles that were marked as private. The Tech Herald did some research on several profiles, and every single user we looked at had privacy settings in full effect, but in some cases, several notes were easily obtainable with a Google search.

Read more on The Tech Herald.

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