Jul 132015
 July 13, 2015  Posted by  Featured News, Misc, Workplace

Neasa MacEarlean reports:

Data protection is emerging as one of the main areas in which organisations need advice in the robotics sector – in areas ranging from the surveillance of staff at work to the use of cameras in drones and data retained by driverless cars.

In the launch issue of Robotics Law Journal, drone lawyer specialist Peter Lee of Taylor Vinters identifies privacy and data protection as two of the main six ‘key legal concerns’ in this field. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner in New Zealand – one of the most advanced countries in drone in the world – explains its approach to this developing area. From an employment perspective, James Davies of Lewis Silkin predicts that ‘privacy issues will become an increasingly topical and important aspect of the employment relationship’.  And Joe Urli of the Australian Certified UAV [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles] Operators Association points to privacy as one of the ‘main three areas of impact’ at the moment.

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