Feb 182011
 February 18, 2011  Posted by  Misc

Jeff Jarvis comments:

At two privacy conferences — one in New York, the other right now in Victoria, B.C. — I’ve watched the growth of privacy’s regulatory/industrial complex and seen its strategy in action: Scare, then sell.


At a later panel, I saw a vendor go through his PowerPoint showing the growth of so many outlets of social media. He said 500 million people were using Facebook. Then he paused… dramatically. Then he said, “Scary.” Why is that scary? He didn’t say. He talked about watching YouTube videos as if that could be harmful in and of itself. How? He didn’t say. That’s how the discussion of the social web has advanced in this industry: All you have to do is say people are using these mysterious tools, and the fear is assumed. But then he sold his service. Scare, then sell.

Read more of his commentary on Huffington Post.

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