Feb 222017
 February 22, 2017  Posted by  Featured News, Govt

Josh Gerstein reports that EPIC has prevailed in a suit:

A privacy protection group scored a pair of legal wins Tuesday in a court battle with the FBI over access to studies the law enforcement agency has done of how its own record-keeping systems could impact personal privacy.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center sued the law enforcement agency under the Freedom of Information Act in 2014, seeking copies of the FBI’s “privacy impact assessments” and “privacy threshold analyses” on various bureau databases containing personal information.

The FBI eventually produced about 2,200 heavily redacted pages for EPIC, with much of the information deleted on the grounds that it reflected sensitive law enforcement methods or techniques.

In an unusual ruling Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta said the FBI had failed to demonstrate that the deleted information met a threshold test for the exemption: that the records be compiled for law enforcement purposes.

Read more on Politico.

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