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Andrej Sokolow reports:

… the steady spread of sensors means more data is being accumulated all the time. Everything from blood pressure, to the time of day one typically leaves one’s house to a person’s standard bedtime to how many times one rolls over in bed – it’s all potentially captured by this new, personal technology.

Some see the flood of information as a source of potential. Start-up Vivametrica plans to take anonymized data from fitness data and try to forecast cases of health problems like diabetes or heart disease.

Taking it even further, Sension – an app for Google Glass, the company’s networked spectacles – can track 76 points on the face of a person being viewed with the glasses and put together an analysis of the subject’s emotional well-being. The idea is that this could help workers in sales as they try to assess how customers feel. But how might the customers feel about such analysis?

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